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Diamante Auto Mats | Luxury Custom Car Mats

Diamante Auto Mats | Luxury Custom Car Mats

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Why Diamante Auto Mats?

Diamante Floor Mats cover more area than any other brand’s floor mat in the market, providing the best level of protection. Our team has been designing car mats for over a decade! Whether it’s pouring rain, snowing, or dry outside, our waterproof floor mats allow you to have a great time with your family no matter where or when you go!

Luxurious & Robust

Diamante Auto Mats are built to last. Our eco leather material can hold its own throughout all of the environments you find yourself in. Our car mats can also elevate the feel and look of any vehicle. Get ready for all of the compliments and drive in confidence knowing that your vehicles floor is a step above the traditional options on the market.

Unique Tunnel Coverage

Diamante Auto Mats are the only car mats on the market that offer full tunnel coverage for the rear of your car. Whether its young kids, pets, or just daily protection- this gives your vehicle an entire new look & feel. This is a feature you simply can not find in stores or at the dealership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will these car mats fit my car?

Yes! Quality & fitment is our top priority. Each set is made to order based on the vehicle information you provide us prior to checkout.

My vehicle is not on the list?

Our production team can design our car mats for about 98% of the mass produced vehicles in U.S, Europe, Canada, & Australia. Sometimes we find we are missing some from our options. Please email our team with your vehicle make, model, & year. You can send an email to our team at Please put in the email subject "My vehicle is not on the list". Our team will get back to you within 24 hours!

How do I install these? Do I need special tools?

Our installation process is super easy and takes no more than 5 minutes! No tools needed!

  • Be sure to remove any/all factory car mats or third party car mats first.
  • Move the drivers seat back entirely so you can see the tracks. 
  • Slide our Diamante Auto Mats into place. Make sure the heel pad is near/facing the pedals. There will be clips on selected areas of the mats. You can use these clips to slide under the molding and hold the car mat in place. 
  • Repeat this step for the passenger side of the car.
  • For the rear car mats, simply slide them in place. If you have a 1 piece tunnel coverage make sure the tunnel is pushed outward to mold it to the tunnel on the car floor. These mats will also have clips on the outsides of the mats, you can use these if you’d like but they are not required. Any excess of the mats near the seat, you can lift your rear seats- tuck the mat under and press back down to lock the seats in place.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to most countries. These countries include: U.S, Canada, Australia, & most European countries.

How can I pay?

We accept all major debit & credit cards, SHOP Pay, & Paypal

Do these come with a warranty?

Yes, we honor a 12 month factory warranty on defects. This does not include wear & tear. We recommend cleaning your car mats monthly. Keep in mind, these are not plastic car mats they are faux leather.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!





  • Louis: San Diego, USA

    "This is my 2nd set of these car mats from Diamante. They really are as advertised and I have had multiple people tell me how nice they look in my car. Highly recommend if you are looking to upgrade your car mats"

  • Steph: Toronto, CA

    "These are sweet! I have been trying to find a simple addition to make my interior stand out and give my Mustang a luxury look. These car mats from Diamante certainly do that!"

  • Jeff: Nashville, USA

    "I was skeptical ordering these for my truck since most photos I have seen are showing sedans. These really look awesome in my truck though. They also are fairly easy to clean!"

  • Roger: New York, USA

    "Talk about riding in style! These diamond car mats are worth every penny. The unique rear mat that covers the entire floor including the tunnnel is truly a difference maker!"

  • John: London, U.K

    "These custom diamond car mats are simply amazing. The personalized options allowed me to create a unique set that complements my car's interior perfectly. If you desire a statement piece that exudes luxury, these mats are the ideal choice."

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